Franck Jobard

RC Man

My interest in astronomy started when I was a child, using simple binoculars to observe the moon. I bought my first 4.5” telescope when I was only 12. Thanks to that not-so-great little scope I could observe Saturn’s rings and try and see the great impact of comet Shoemaker-Levy hurting Jupiter in 1994! 

Later, I had the opportunity to observe the sky using the 6.3” refractor located in my high school and in the much better 16” in Besançon observatory!

My passion for astronomy never stopped and, when I reached the adult age, I decided to build my own backyard observatory. I bought some astrophotography equipment and, in 2016, I discovered Jo1, my first planetary nebula. With Cédric, we founded Deep Sky Chile to host clients telescopes under the best sky in the world!