Mikel Martinez

Pixi Guru

The north of Spain, where I was born and where I still live now, is not the most conducive place to become interested in astronomy. Despite that, I have been fascinated by space ever since I can remember. I kept looking at the photographs of distant galaxies, nebulae and other celestial objects, that appeared in the magazines and books that came to my hands. At that time, who would have told me that one day I would be able to take such photographs?

For a long period, despite never abandoning my interest in astronomy, life took me to other matters. But 10 years ago, I started to get involved in astrophotography when I saw how the techniques improved and made it possible for amateurs to take photographs as good or better than those I saw in my childhood. And that's what I'm still doing today : trying to capture those few photons reaching us from so far away... If you speak spanish you can have a look at my astrophotography blog.