Marian Gutowski

Star Chaser

My interest in astronomy dates back to my teen age when my friend Olivier made me discover sky splendors with his telescope! What a feeling of excitement when, for the first time, I watched M42, the Great Orion’s Nebula in the eyepiece of his Newton 150/750! And then years passed… I was focused on my studies, my work and my family… 

I came back to astronomy three decades later, in 2014, and I was stomached by the progresses made in amateur astronomy. Astrophotography was possible with great results thanks to goto, guiding, astrometry, ccd, softwares etc… My equipment evolved from Celestron C8 and C11 EdgeHD to an Astrophysics refractor and some Ritchey-Chretien Cassegrain telescopes, mounts such as Skywatcher NEQ6 / AZEQ6 or AP100 and CCD Cameras from Atik and Moravian. I was greatly impressed by images produced by amateurs such as Thierry Legault, Nicolas Outters, Jérôme Rudelle, Laurent Bourgon (Ciel Boreal / Austral) and others… so I decided to join the Astro Images Processing Association.

In the summer of 2017 an opportunity arose to image remotely from Cedric’s observatory, located in Ardèche, in the south of France and to join his team, our team, the Deep Sky Team.